Company Overview
At our core is perseverance, a fierce determination to overcome any obstacle regardless of setbacks, on behalf of patients and their loved ones. We place greater value on what we can achieve together than on what we can do alone because the needs of those we serve always come first. We will not be bound by doing what’s been done before. Instead, we free ourselves from preconceived notions to discover solutions that advance patient care. Our mission is clear: Otsuka-people, creating new products for better health worldwide.

Our Unique Culture

Otsuka is a dynamic and vibrant organization made up of motivated individuals we call Otsuka-people—people who have a shared mission for creating new products for better health worldwide. We live by our purpose: defy limitation, so that others can too. This purpose gives meaning to our work and motivates and drives us each day.

The people of Otsuka care. Our culture is to be better every day, to maximize our talents so we can serve and leave this world a better place.

Who We Are
  • Curious: We live to learn and discover. That’s why we never stop asking questions: Why? How? What if? Our inquisitive nature keeps us searching for the right answers, not just the obvious ones.
  • Courageous: We dare to do what others will not. We know it is the only way we can make a meaningful impact on the lives of those we serve. We will face adversity, but we will not let it keep us from doing what’s right.
  • Distinctive: We are authentic and stay true to ourselves, without artifice or urge to imitate. We commit ourselves to the development of products and services that only Otsuka could conceive and make a reality.

What We Believe In
  • Perseverance: We persist to do what’s right and what matters.
  • Unconventional thinking: We live to create and discover a better way.
  • Humility: We unite to serve the needs of others before our own.

What Unites Us
There are two core principles based on our Japanese heritage by which all Otsuka-people have lived for nearly a century. Today, they continue to serve as the foundation of our culture, embodying who we are and how we will achieve our goals.

Achievement, completion, and the discovery of truth
Otsuka-people are encouraged to push themselves far beyond expectations. To dream the impossible and make it a reality. By living the principles of jissho, individuals and teams can achieve unprecedented outcomes that ultimately lead to greater responsibility

Pursuing what only Otsuka is capable of conceiving and achieving
Sozosei gives Otsuka-people permission to do what's never been done and can only be done by Otsuka. Every day is a new chance to invent and to create so that we can provide answers to medical needs that have yet to be addressed

Grow With Us

We welcome a diverse range of unconventional thinkers who align with our purpose and values. This diversity of thought provides us with unique perspectives that allow us to create breakthrough outcomes. Our warm and inspiring work environment nurtures passion, stimulates creativity, and piques curiosity in each employee at Otsuka. Together, there is no limit to how we can change the world.
Company Summary
Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, Inc
Number of Employees
(301) 424-9055
9154 Keats Street
Franklin, TN